JKPP: Jurnal Kajian Pendidikan dan Psikologi is committed to publishing high-quality articles and adhering to high standards of publication ethics. For that, we establish some guidelines that authors and editors who are involved in the publication process must abide by.

Rules for Authors

1. Authenticity and Credibility: Authors must guarantee that the submitted articles are their own original work and do not violate the copyright or intellectual property rights of others. All sources used must be acknowledged and properly cited.
2. Completeness and Quality: Articles must be complete and accurate. Authors must ensure that the submitted articles meet academic standards and are carefully checked for factual, grammatical, and other typographical errors.
3. Submission of correct data: Authors must convey correct and honest data in their articles. If there are errors in the data or information submitted, the author must immediately notify the editor and help correct them.
4. Application of Guidelines: Authors must abide by the Ethics Committee's or a similar organization's research and publication ethics guidelines.

Rules for Editors

1. Transparency: Editors must make fair and objective decisions in selecting articles for publication. Editors must avoid conflicts of interest and ensure that decisions are made based on the quality and authenticity of the articles.
2. Privacy: Editors must maintain the privacy and confidentiality of information related to submitted articles. Editors may not use or disclose irrelevant or unimportant information for the benefit of the journal or the author.
3. Quality Assessment: Editors must ensure that accepted articles meet high quality standards and do not violate research or publication ethics.
4. Response: Editors must provide clear and prompt responses to authors regarding their manuscripts and provide clear reasons if articles are rejected.

JKPP will take firm action against violations of publication ethics and has the right to reject or withdraw articles that violate the rules above.